Your computer should run faster than an high-velocity test shuttle in the friction-free vastness of open space after I increase the memory!VX-076

Back story

I was one of the first robot technicians to repair the computers in the Large Hadron Collider. The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, is huge particle accelerator on Earth that uses powerful computers to make predictions about the universe. One day, our main computer started malfunctioning and nobody knew what was wrong. I took a reading of the computer’s temperature and realized that it was overheating!

That meant that the computer’s fan needed to be fixed or replaced. After examining the fan, I concluded that too much dust had built up and it needed to be cleaned in order to run properly. And it worked! Everyone was so impressed with my work that I was transferred to the Mars Base Provenance to be their primary computer technician.

Character Q&A

I first became interested in repairing computers after fixing an important research computer on Earth. There was a hardware problem that I solved by cleaning the computer’s fan. Some say robots aren’t emotional, but I never felt prouder than the day I saved the research computer!
I may be a robot, but I like to consider myself a doctor for computers. Sometimes computers get sick just like humans and need to be fixed. That’s where I come in! I’m in charge of repairing and maintaining all the computers on the Base. A big part of maintaining computers is updating software.
I love investigating computer issues. It’s not always clear right away what’s wrong. To solve the mystery, I usually start by talking with whoever operates the computer and ask them questions about how they use it. Sometimes, dangerous spyware or viruses get installed and I’m the only one that can save the important scientific data stored on the computer.
Recently, I was tasked with updating the operating system for all the computers on base. After the install, everyone’s saved data was wiped from their computers and nobody knew what to do! It was a tense couple of minutes before I realized that I had a backup file stored in my personal memory files. That sure was a close one!
When I first started out, I had a clunky old computer that I could practice repairs on. Because it was so old, I was able to try some really fun stuff like disassembling the hardware. Talking with other computer technicians online also really prepared me for my work. There’s a lot of important vocabulary that you pick up when you start talking with others working in the same field.
Nearly everyone has some issue with their computer they wish could be fixed. Why not offer your help? You’ll learn a lot about a computer by just trying to solve different problems. Also, always make sure that what you do doesn’t hurt their computer more.



Title Head Computer Technician
What I DoRepair and maintain all computer systems
SkillsFixing computer hardware
Software debugging
Firewall installation

Science Fiction

Aptitude / Personality Profile


My Role Model

 Kim Hubbard

Kim Hubbard