About Us

The Mission Control website has been developed in conjunction with WisdomTools’ game titles to introduce young students to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Our games encompass subjects such as nanotechnology, the engineering design process, and the challenges of Mars colonization. The characters in the games, who work in different STEM and STEM-related fields, help players complete the mission. These characters have jobs and expertise that fall within STEM catagries and our goal,is to incorporate these characters and their jobs together in one place. To know more about other games, please visit to our website for detailed information.


Students first visiting the Mission Control website are required to create an account. By registering students can link their profiles from our games to the Mission Control website. Mission Control acts as a central hub to show the progress and achievements of students as they progress in their games. The Mission Control site also asks student to indicate what STEM careers, if any, that they are interested in during registration. Their interests will decide what Mission Control and game related info will push to them on the front page. Students can modify their interests at any time.


After registration, the student becomes a member of the Mission Control family. She or he can read news and latest updates from the game environment, learn about scientific phenomena that will help the student understand the games games better, and most importantly encounter many different STEM jobs.


The characters on the Mission Control website are collected from all games. In the character profiles, students can learn about what character’s careers, what their daily jobs entail, and what they think about their jobs. Each character has a corresponding real-life role model. The role models are the real scientists doing research in those fields. With this connection we seek to create a sense of realism in STEM careers so that students will know what they read are not just fantasies. Students can explore links and get information on how to pursue the careers they experience in the Mission Control site and our games.