Careers@Mission Control

Welcome to the careers screen. This page is under construction. It will link to primary ICT/STEM Careers used in Mars Mayhem with a link to the fictional characters and real people who work in that career area.

Communication Specialist

Role Models: Kimberly Jenkins
Mission Control Staff: Jia Achebe

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Role Models: Dr. Alan R. Dennis
Mission Control Staff: Kayla Robinson

Computer Programmer

Role Models: Berta Alfonso
Mission Control Staff: Tola Niratpattanasai

Computer Systems Analyst

Role Models: Brett VanDyke
Mission Control Staff: Kai Phillips

Computer Technician

Role Models: Kim Hubbard
Mission Control Staff: VX-076

Database Administrator

Role Models: Stacey Morrison
Mission Control Staff: Lanei Paulson


Role Models: Dr. David Des Marais
Mission Control Staff: Andre Anders

Planetary Scientist

Role Models: Jennifer Heldmann
Mission Control Staff: Dr. Pilar Hau