Role Model: Berta Alfonso

Back story

I came to the U.S. from Cuba when I was six years old, and I was put into the first grade. I didn’t know any English, but fortunately, math is a subject that I didn’t need English to understand. It had always made sense to me. When I graduated, it was evident that computers were the future, so I decided to become a computer engineer.

My parents taught me by example that determination and hard work always pay off. Growing up with their love and support, made me feel that I could accomplish anything I applied myself to.

I had a solid background in science and math. Coursework in electrical engineering and computers was useful, but what I found most helpful as a young scientist was working with the more experienced engineers. They
helped me understand that, while schoolwork gives you the foundations, it is real work experience that makes it all come to life. I believe that one is never done learning, and so I am always ready to study more in order to
keep up with my rapidly changing field.

I love the process of bringing new ideas to life. This creative aspect of my job is what I find most exciting! I also like to know that I am contributing to the space program, which will benefit all mankind.

Do research and tinker. Learn to use your library resources, and to find reliable information on the internet. Ask questions to people working in fields that interest you. Learn by doing! Take technology classes at your
school. Remember: You don’t always have to be right. All you have to do is to be willing to learn.

Berta Alfonso

Berta Alfonso

TitleComputer Design Engineer Computer Programmer
  • Learning about computer chips
  • Taking technology classes
  • Computer hardware design
  • Computer software design
EducationB.S., Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering, University of Miami