Communications Specialist


Have you ever wondered how a cell phone works? Being able to instantly talk to someone on the other side of the planet might seem like magic but it’s actually thanks to the people who work in the field of Data Communications. Communications and navigation networks are the backbone of all space missions. A data communications specialist is responsible for the designing, installation and maintenance of the voice and data communication systems, including the hardware, software, or programming modules. Their job provides the critical communication services for all earth, space science and human space flight missions.

Path to Career

To become a Data Communications Specialist, a bachelor’s degree is usually required. Some employers prefer a master’s. You can get your degree in fields like: communications, telecommunications, computer science. Taking computer classes is a great way to prepare for working in this career because you get experience working with communications networks. Key skills include decision-making, speaking, professional writing, interpersonal skills.

Daily Tasks
  • Analyzing data from space instruments like satellites
  • Modeling the evolution of planetary climates
  • Comparing Earth environments with other planets
Areas of Expertise
  • Radio engineering
  • Radar and thermal imaging
  • Map reading and plotting
Schooling NeededBachelor’s degree in fields related to communications or telecommunication science
Related CareersTelecommunications Specialist, Radio Technician, Communications Engineer

Mission Control Staff

Jia Achebe

Role Models

Kimberly Jenkins