Lanei Paulson

If you find the pattern, you can fix the problem.Lanei Paulson

What I do on Mars

Many of the experiments being performed on the Mars base Provenance can only be done by using a computer to analyze lots and lots of data. That’s where I come in! Just last week we needed to search hundreds of satellite photos of the Martian surface to find flat ground to build a new research facility. It would have taken us weeks to search through the photos ourselves. To speed up the process, I wrote a computer program to analyze all the photos and we finished the search in a fraction of that time!.

Character Q&A

When I was in middle school my best friend was in a different classroom so we could only talk during the day by chatting on our computers. Our teachers decided that it was ok for us to chat as long as we were working on a project. Our school was holding an Energy Competition where the classroom that used the least amount of electricity at the end of the month would win a pizza party.

My friend and I figured out that if we used the computers to calculate the average amount of electricity each classroom was using, we would know how much we should reduce our electricity consumption by in order to win. Not only did our two classrooms use the least amount of electricity, but our teachers were so impressed that they decided to throw a big party for both classrooms. That’s when I realized that computers can help you do some pretty incredible things!

I really love that computers allow us to perform tasks that would have been nearly impossible in the past. A computer is one of the most powerful tools that a human can use. But a computer is useless without a human to operate it. That’s why I like to be the one who brings computers to life in order to accomplish new experiments.
A month ago, everyone on base had to start wearing health sensing technology on their bodies. It was my job to create a program that could analyze the biological data from the body sensors and notify the wearer if they were sick. The day after creating the program it recognized that another scientist was at risk of a heart attack because of increased cholesterol in his blood. Thanks to the data I collected, the doctor prescribed him some medication and he felt much better.
When I first became interested in computers, I kept running into problems. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to open a file or download a program. Thankfully, I discovered that there are many groups online that have answers to my questions. I’ve learned so much by just searching for answers online.
There are many different things that you can do with computers. Computers allow you to explore more deeply your favorite activities. Whether you like making movies, writing stories, or building things, it always pays off to learn how computers relate to your interests.

My Role Model

Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison



Title Data Analyst
What I DoAnalyze computer data for patterns
EducationBachelor’s degree in Computational Data from California State University
SkillsComputer languages

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