Role Model: Stacey Morrison

Back story

What a deputy chief information officer does is work with the scientists with their computers. And essentially, because they’re scientists, they want to focus on their research. And so, they give me the job to pick the computers for them and to install them. And also, another part of my job is to do education outreach. And, one of the major Websites that we use for education outreach is the Virtual Astronaut Website.

Well, computer science is a very good field to go into, especially for high school students, because, first of all, a lot of high school students already know what a computer is. They already know how to use it. They’ve studied computers in high school, computer programming. And, when they go into college especially, they’ll have that background. A lot of jobs in the computer science world, you can work anywhere. They’re, everybody needs a computer. And so, you always have a job somewhere in any field that you want to go into. And so, that’s why I feel that computer science is one of the better technical fields to go into.
What I like about my job is: I like to meet with the people. I like to support the people. And, when they’re happy with their job that makes me happy.
In high school students need to take a lot of math and science, especially algebra, calculus, trigonometry, those kind of fields. ’cause when they go into college, especially if they’re going straight into computer science, they’re going to need calculus and differential equations. And so, you need to have the background, especially in high school, maybe even in middle school, to take the hardest math classes and the hardest science classes you can so that when you get to college you’ll be prepared.

Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison

TitleDeputy Chief Information Officer Database Administrator
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Computer Science
  • Web Design
  • Computer Programming
EducationBachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering